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Hardanger Embroidery


Hardanger embroidery or hardangersøm is a traditional form of decorative Norwegian needlework. Named for the Hardanger district of Norway where it was developed, hardangersøm has become so popular over the years that it has been adopted by craftspeople from all over the country and beyond. What sets hardangersøm apart is the sheer variety of stitches and techniques it encompasses. The vast range of techniques one must master make it a demanding skill to learn, but also empower artisans to continue creating an infinite array of new designs. Perhaps that’s why after more than three centuries, hardangersøm continues to inspire stitchers all over the world. Named after the Hardanger region of Western Norway, where it originated hundreds of years ago, Hardanger is a form of openwork embroidery. (credit:

Scandinavian immigrants brought it to North America and Hardanger continues to gain popularity. Solglyt Lodge helps that process by arranging Hardanger workshops for beginners and those with more experience.

Cultural Crafts Drop-In Night

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Workshops are decided on a demand/fun basis.  Anyone interested in getting together to work on a Norwegian cultural craft such as rosemaling, Hardanger embroidery, Norweave, carving, etc. is encouraged to contact the Husflid Director. 

Community Service projects undertaken by Solglyt are often initiated and completed during our Husflid evenings.    


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