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2020 Dues Changes for Canada and Norway

As of  January 1, 2020, the simplified dues program that was introduced to US lodges in 2018 is extended to members in Canada and Norway. As of this date, all lodges in each country will charge the same dues rates. There are two main dues rates: Individual and Family.

Individual Membership (covers one person)

Canada: Regular – $58 CAD / Golden – $38 CAD

Norway: Regular  – 475 NOK / Golden – 350 NOK

Family Membership (covers all family members living or receiving mail at the same address)

Canada: Regular – $88 CAD / Golden* – $62 CAD

Norway: Regular – 800 NOK / Golden* – 635 NOK

Unge Venner

There will no longer be special or reduced dues for members ages 16–23 (formerly called Unge Venner). They will now be treated as regular adult members.

Golden Membership

Golden Membership will continue to be awarded under the new dues structure, but those who become new Golden Members on or after January 1, 2020, will be charged the regular dues rates and will not receive a discount.

Heritage Membership

Free Heritage Membership for ages 0–15 will still be available.

* This is the rate for a Family with two Golden Members. The rates are different for families with mixed membership categories, such as one Golden, one regular, or one Lifetime, etc. Contact Membership Services for details at 1-800-945-8851 x4643 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • fees displayed for our lodge at are shown in US $
  • your credit card will reflect US exchange rate
  • your bank may apply additional fees as per its banking rules and regulations
  • memberships paid by cheque are taken at face value
  • check your renewal notice for details

– Join online

– Renew online

By Mail

Download the Application form

  • complete Sections A and B
  • in section C, complete lines 17, 18 and, if paying by credit card, 19 and sign line 20
  • mail two signed copies to

Peter Myhre
Membership Secretary
Sons of Norway, Solglyt Lodge 4-143
10756 - 68 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 2B5
Email: go to the Contact Us page and leave a message for our Membership Secretary








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